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About the Dean of Student Affairs

Dean of Student Affairs is the most important division between the students and Dong Hwa university; and it is also the division where provides thoughtful services to students.We take good care of every student affair carefully and sincerely. We wish to provide the best services for each student of Dong Hwa University.To inspire students and help them to learn about Dong Hwa University, we build a kinds of advantages to the freshman to learn about a new life of college and ideals of Dong Hwa University.

There are some other duties of students' administrative matters such as students' life cares, psychological counseling, career plans, hygiene and health protection etc.We also helps students to design and organize all kinds of clubs.It also helps students to learn themselves and abilities such as teamwork and independent.Lastly our division provide a better environment and resources to help students in a way.

Address :1, Sec. 2,Da Hsueh Rd., Shou-Feng, Hualien, Taiwan, Republic of China
Phone:886-3-8635000 Fax: 886-3-8635000

Main Office
School Ext.:6201
1.To deal with students affairs according to the order of president.
2.To supervise, direct, and assess all members in office.
1.Manage and supervise all operation of this section.
1.To examine official documents.
2. To budget and manage Student Affair Department.
3. To convene meeting.
4. To overall coordinate related events between Student Affair Department and other units.
1.To deal with official documents.
2.To arrange for dean’s schedule
3.To keep the seals of OSA.
4.To deal with financial management and allowance.