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【學生宿舍】108學年度學生宿舍候補Ⅲ作業相關事項 【Student Dormitory】2019-2020 Academic Year Dormitory Application(StageⅢ)




(1) 登記時間:2019/8/10(六) 12:00至8/20(二) 12:00止。

(2) 宿舍候補登記,需輸入選課帳號、密碼,並確認已繳清住宿相關欠費。

(3) 以個人為申請單位,可選擇三個志願莊別,依電腦亂數抽籤決定,登記時間先後不影響候補結果。

(4) 凡候補成功之同學不得提出退宿要求,請同學審慎考慮再做申請。若非因畢業、休退學或其他不可抗拒原因仍要求退宿者,依據「國立東華大學學生宿舍申請住宿及退費辦法」第七條第二項,保證金不予退還,特此提醒與說明。

2.候補Ⅲ結果公告 公告時間:2019/8/29(四) 12:00起可自行至學生宿舍申請系統查詢。

3.繳交住宿費用 住宿相關費用(住宿保證金、住宿費和宿網費)新增在台灣銀行學雜費入口網,請自行列印繳交,持繳費單辦理入住。




















Dear All,

Three steps of the dormitory application procedure

1. Sign up online

(1) Sign-up will start at 2019/08/10(Sat) 12:00 and end at 2019/08/20(Tue) 12:00.

(2) Log in with your course-selection account and password. Be sure that you have paid off all the previous dormitory fees.

(3) Each individual student is regarded as an application unit and can set three dormitory rooms as priorities. The results will be determined by the computer drawing system.

(4) No student is allowed to withdraw the application once being drawn. The deposit is non-returnable if you decide to withdraw the application afterwards for any reason other than graduation, dropping out of the school or some other irresistible reasons.

(5) The list of available spaces at each dorm is as the attachment.

2. Announcement of the result The results and thereby the waiting list will be announced at the dormitory website 2019/08/29(Thu) 12:00.

3. Pay the Dormitory fee Please visit Bank of Taiwan at, to print out the bill of dormitory fees. Bring the receipt as the proof of payment to the Dorm Manager so that you may be allowed to move in.

※ Notes

★1. Dormitory Ⅶ Smart Card Power System: Dormitory residents must top up with money to their student ID easy card in order to pay for continuous use of electricity.

2. The dormitory fee is charged by the accommodation types (either semester or winter/summer vacation, etc.). The opening and closing dates of the dormitory are in accordance of the university's calendar.

★3. Though the dormitory and room preference is specified by applicants, residents must cooperate with any arrangements made by the Student Living Services Division due to the dormitory accommodation conditions.

4. Residents who need to stay in a dormitory during the summer or winter vacation must apply for the dormitory before the designated deadline.

★5. In order to maintain the quality of dormitory, cleaning and repair will be implemented during the summer and winter vacations. A luggage storage area will be provided for residents who need to store their luggage temporarily until the vacation ends. Residents who fail to adhere to luggage storage rules should refrain from utilizing the service. Please note that the Living Services Division will not be responsible for any loss of or damage to your belongings. Store luggage at your own risk.

★6. During the winter vacation, students who live on the first and second floor of DormitoryⅤ need to clear out their rooms, for there will be students who need to move in the dormitory. The dormitory will provide residents with an area to store luggage until the vacation-end.

★7. For being in line with the university's “Keep Trash Off the Ground" policy, garbage/recycling bins will not be provided in public areas in any dormitory. Residents must follow regulations in order to maintain a clean environment.

8. Please read all the regulations carefully before completing dormitory application.

For any questions or concerns, please contact: Ms. Chung at 03-8906217.

Your safety, OSA's delight!

Student Living Services Division Office of Student Affairs